You talk, we listen!

After huge success of Mug Animator You asked about phone cases. As a result, We decided to make new software just for sublimation cases. This will include the most famous brand phones, tablet cases and hopefully in the near future, some phone wallets.

Why new software are you asking? why now add this to existing MugAnimator software? The answer is simple. The market for phone cases is going 100 miles per hour and almost every month there is a new phone available, and with it, a new phone case. Making new software update so often for such a big and complicated software like Mug ANimator, it would be not economical and gives more chances for something go wrong. So we came up with – Case Animator v1.

Case ANimator is in making right now and still a few bits to do. But believe me! If you in Sublimation Phone case business, you will love it! Case Animator will help you make beautiful, virtual phone case mockup that will help you close the sale with your customers.

Case Animator v.1
Case Animator v.1

DOWNLOAD Case Animator 1.0 here