Free-by-DHL-cutting-plotter-60W-cuting-width-760mm-font-b-vinyl-b-font-font-bIs it possible to contour cut on cheap Chinese cutters? Yes it is! If you have correct software, of corse.
Is it worth to get cheap Chinese cutter with what some people call “optical eye”? – NO
if you never had a cutter before you will need to understand the difference  between optical eyeCommon_Registration_Mark.svg in more expensive machines like ROLAND or GRAPHTEC and optical eyes in Chinese cutters.
The difference is very simple. In the nutshell ROLAND and GRAPHTEC cutters has special laser sensor that reads registration marks placed on printed media. after reading those, knife knows exactly where to cut, to give you perfectly accurate cut.
Chinese Cutters with what they call “optical eye” is nothing more than LED or small laser beam that let you MANUALLY adjust a knife in to cutting position. so there is nothing to do with real “optical eye” or “magic eye”. Those Chinese cutter are often more expensive when they provide the feature of little red light. In my opinion they are not worth a penny extra than cutter without it! As light is useless and not computerised.silhouette_silhouette_cameo_2_3t_cameo_electronic_cutting_tool_1094172
If you wish to have proper “optical/magic eye” featured cutter but you can not justify spending big  money on ROLAND or GRAPHTEC cutter I would strongly suggest getting  “silhouette cameo”. It can cut up to A3 sheets of flock or flex and it HAS proper sensor for contour cut.
Below, you can watch video where i present contour cut on seiki sk720t. This cutter HAS light beam but since new it was wiggle and never pointed in the correct spot any way. Another thing you will need to contour cut is correct software. Without it it will be very hard or almost impossible. I Always recommend flexi – cutter software. In my opinion one of the best software available for cutters. It is available in Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 20.01.52couple of versions. On professional Flexi SIGN and Flexi Starter. Flexi Starter in version at least 10 will allow you to contour cut. Its also stand alone software so you don’t need anything else as you will be able to design it as well. There are other software available on market but in my opinion none of them are as good and simple to use as Flexi so I will not write about them 🙂
so here is how I used my Flexi software to manually adjust knife and successfully cut around my design.
I understand this is not perfect way but hey ho! I was trying to do it as cheap as possible (not always right thing to do 🙂 )