Press-10Screen printing at home its great fun. Many of you probably tried to build your own home-made screen printing press. But what do you do if you want to print more than one colour? this start to be tricky as you need to have two screens prepared. On one station DIY press registration is none existent so this start to be problematic. I was in exactly same situation some time ago! I wanted to slogan print t-shirt with red star and white outline. yep, two screens needed with quite tight registration. One day I felt creative and decided to build my very own, two colour screen printing carousel 🙂 Started to look on internet and YouTube on ideas how would I want it to look like. I came across website that offers  plans for 4 colour screen printing carousel completely free of charge! You can find those plans for download here:

So I did my check list and off I go to B&Q for some materials 🙂 Borrowed van of a friend and i was ready to crack on!

here is my from day 1 to 5 🙂

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