sublimation ceramic travel mug
sublimation ceramic travel mug

Right… You printing mugs now and You really enjoying doing it. But what if I told you that sublimation mug printing is not only ceramic mugs? Thats right. There is more than that.
Once you have your shiny mug press mastered, it’s time to try other things.
Choice is massive and you will be able to offer wider collection of personalised mugs. In this same, you will be able to make more money. And this is what it’s all about!
As I said, choice of printable mugs is fantastic on the market and you can choice wow-black-800x800from standard 10oz or 11oz mugs or more funky shape and sizes coffee mugs ie; Latte mugs, colour changing mugs (magic wow), Ceramic travel mugs, beer steins, windsor fine china, frosted glass mugs etc… There are also coloured mugs available. In gold, silver or standard blue black, red and so on.
But one of very interesting printable mugs are frosted glass. They are very nice durham-plain-mug-black-with-white-panel-800x800looking units. no matter if you want to use them as coffee mugs or tea candle holders. They just look great. Not all photographs will be suitable to print on them duo to transparent frosted glass, but if your image is contrasty enough I am sure you will be able to create stunning personalised gift!
Some time ago I recorded video about how to print those frosted beauties so spare few minutes and watch it.
Hope you enjoy it!