How to insert photo in to mug template- video

One of the most asked question about sublimation mug printing is “how to prepare artwork”. When starting out, and with not to much knowledge about photoshop this could be quite tricky. So before you learn how to design your own artwork, you can use ready made mug templates that are already on mug size. So what you need to do is just put your photo in and you are good to go. 

Photo mug templates comes in many styles, colours, themes etc. There is literally millions to choice from. Some of them are free (templates can be found on this site) and some of them are paid. But all of them are very affordable and if you look around, you will find them in packs!

One of the place to start with is old good eBay. There is loads of variety packs available. Please be careful when you buying templates, as there could be copyrighted material. You wont be allowed to sell those.

Here you can see how simple it is to insert photo in to mug templates using adobe photoshop.

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