How to print t-shirt with clear transfer

Eco solvent clear transfer printing is my favourite way for decorating white and light garments.


I didnt recorded anything fir some time now so I reminded myself about that clear stuff I bought some time ago for white and light coloured garments

Clear vinyl is VERY thin eco solvent media that can be used with printers like ROLAND or MIMAKI. Or any other printer that accept solvent/eco solvent inks. In my case i used ROLAND BN-20. It is the samllest eco solvent printer from rillant and it can prints up to 480mm wide. And it prints from the roll. Plenty enough for garment teansfers. Those printers seems to poping up on auctions here from time to time so you can grab a bargain if you thinking more serious about printing transfers and other items as stickers etc… 

you would ask what is the advantage of using more expensive film over transfer paper? Well, transfer paper use standard ink and your inkjet printer. All great, but wash abilities are not that grate. 

With exo solvent film you can be sure that ink wan be washed away after few washes. Why? Because washing detergents aren’t aversive enough to getbrid of eco solvent inks.

another, very important benefit is the hand. After printing with clear eco solvent transfer film, hand feel is EXTREMELY soft. And after first wash is even softer!

did I mentioned that it dont need to be masked? Yes! Just flip the image, print ann weed the excess material and cavities. You are ready to press!

soo i will perform some more tests but fir now, please enjoy the video of printing process. 

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  1. We are using same print media for dark and white. Do we have to change the blade pressure when putting in the clear media or we can use the same pressure?

    Changing blade pressure would be a hasle.

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