I’m Hooked, Dye Sublimation Printing Experiments Are So Fun!

Hey Sub Geek! Sublimation Club here!

What do you all think? Can you use regular copy paper to sublimate a mug?”

Sometimes, we are in such a time crunch and need to get our designs pressed that we forget to make sure we have all our materials. We print and design and print again and press and wait and design some more and print some more until finally, we run out of sublimation paper!  

Of course, the best course of action is to stop sublimating until we can get more sublimation paper. But sometimes there’s just no time to sit around, or we might be so excited to print our designs we don’t want to wait.

So if you need to finish a sublimation project A.S.A.P, or for fun you just want to see if it works, check out this sublimation hack. It might be there answer!

For this hack, I used copy paper* instead of sublimation paper to sublimate on a mug. In the video, you’ll notice that I use one design on copy paper and the next one on regular sublimation paper. I specifically used Hammermill copy paper. Now, I don’t do anything special with the copy paper: I put it through the same process as I did with the sublimation. To be honest: I thought the results were shocking (well, as shocking as sublimation can get, to be honest), so you’ll have to take a peek.

Thanks for watching!

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Have a Hack/Experiment you want me to try? I would LOVE to know what it is.

Happy Sublimating, and remember don’t over think it, Just Create It!

  • Barb, Sublimation Club

* For the copy paper, I used Hammermill Copy Paper 28 lbs. At the time that I recorded the video, it was under $10.00 for 500 sheets on Amazon. It’s available at: https://amzn.to/2GsRpDZ

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