How to make 4 colour DIY screen printing press

How to make 4 colour screen printing press.

Bob is one of my favourite YouTubers and he like to make stuff! in one of the episodes, he show how to make really cool 4 colours screen printing press at home. you will need some power tools to do this project but nothing fancy!

I strongly suggest to visit Bob’s YT channel and see what else he has to offer. Any way.

DIY Screen printing for profit or hobby

If you ever wondered how to do print t-shirts at home for profit or just for hobby, and your budget is very limited than this project is right for you! 4 colours screen printing press is made out of wood but is very accurate and will help you print some really great t-shirts. I did exactly same build some years a go so I know how enjoyable this project was.

If you thinking about little challenge then You can download building plans here for free:


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