13855_606738796043463_1262015363_nToday I stamped  on my old project that i started couple of years a go. I dumped it as I didn’t had enough time and money to finish it. It was simple to use web based app that will help my customers design their phone case and once is done they would send it to me. So again, in case of any mistakes I am not liable to 🙂
App is not best looking kid on the block but i think it does the job well. I am providing it now to you free of charge! I also will add some new templates to collection so more mobile phone cases can be designed. But I need little bit of time to do that 🙂

App works with all standard image file formats like JPG and PNG.

Png will allow you to create overlays like you would do in adobe photoshop when working on layers. There also some templates build in this app to get you started and show what is possible.

So Enjoy and spread the world.

Ps. App is free to everyone. only pay for itself with adverts on this web site so pretty please turn your Adblock OFF 😉

>>>Mobile Phone Case Designer here<<<

All the best