So… You have a web site or your own eBay shop now. What’s next? It would be nice to present items you can print to the public. Images are very important and are like a nice food. it need to be presented nicely to look more appealing and sell for more £££.

So how do you do it? I decided to use mock ups. Mock up its a small script file, most cases psd file for Adobe Photoshop that in few clicks of a mouse will turn your image in to lovely looking item. I use mock ups for my sublimation mugs, phone cases, coasters, mouse mats and some other items.

Of corse would bee good to actually print a mug and then photograph it but creating mock up has a few advantages over actual printing.

  • efficient – great if you have loads of designs.
  • time saving – its much faster then printing all designs. It takes couple of mouse clicks.
  • professional look – mock up looks very clean and professional. Better then any photo that can be taken by unskilled photographer with compact camera.
  • you can quickly alter image to send proof to your customer.

Best mock ups that are available are not free unfortunately, but they are very inexpensive.

the price tag starts from only couple of $ so very affordable. This is nothing if compared to money that you would spend on actual printing.

So let me present you mock ups I normally use to market my own printed items.

One of my favourite mock ups used for mugs and sending proofs to customers for approval.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 22.29.22
mugHere is quick demonstration of final look after mock up is created.

Very attractive and very fast to create. this mock up is available for sale and download here.

My another most used mock up script is for iPhone cases. Very effective and you can even adjust details of your case depend what type it is. as we know some of them are bit different then others, depend what supplier we use.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 22.52.59

phone 6plusA_2dprint

Again, after few clicks i managed to create very good looking iphone 6 mock up for my cases.

Unfortunately this is quite old mock up and Author stopped selling it for unknown reason but similar bundles of phone mock ups are still available here.







coaster mock upAs you probably noticed my coaster images. those are mock ups too and very easy to make.

Also some other graphics that i use to promote my sales.


t-shirt mock up



Hope you will like mock ups as much as i do.

All the best