How to Print Mugs in an Oven Step by Step Tips for Sublimation Beginners

Hey fellow sub geeks! Have you pressed a mug in an oven yet?

In the following video I show you How to Print Mugs in an Oven Step by Step. Don’t miss these super important tips to save you time, headaches, and blanks!

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So, if you’re new to sublimating in general, or if you are new to sublimating on mugs, this video will be very helpful for you. First, we need to talk about the materials needed for sublimation.

You’ll need:

  • an internal temperature
  • specially coated mugs specifically for sublimation
  • mug wraps
  • heat gloves WITH NO RUBBER
  • butcher paper
  • heat tape.

After you have gathered your materials, start the video and follow along with me. We will have you making mugs in an oven in no time! This step by step guide has everything you need to help you print your own mugs at home. Oh, and you’ll also get tips and tricks to save you MONEY, TIME  and ASPIRIN.

In this video, I also talk about the ever debated dunking method, which is when you take a mug that you’ve removed from the oven and dunk it into some water. Is that really the best way to cool a mug? Will it cause the mug to get hairline cracks? I have a better method in the video.

The video also has more tips and tricks, including:

  • How to orient the mug in the oven
  • Why you need an internal thermometer if the oven already has an external one
  • What a coffee ground test it 

Thanks for watching!

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Happy Sublimating, and remember don’t over think it, Just Create It!

             – Barb, Sublimation Club

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2 Thoughts to “How to Print Mugs in an Oven Step by Step Tips for Sublimation Beginners”

  1. Jade

    Hi just wondering if you can use a regular printer using regular paper and ink for sublimating.
    I’m looking in to sublimating as a hobby making things for family members and friends for birthdays and such but am on a very limited budget so purchasing a new printer is out of the question especially as it’s just an occasional thing, so a list of material needed would be appreciated

    1. Paul

      No. You need sublimation printer, inks and paper. you can also convert some epson printers for sublimation printing but you will need inks.

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