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print sublimation mug with templates

One of the most lucrative, yet least expensive ways of making money with sublimation printer and inks is print sublimation mug with templates.

One of the most lucrative, yet least expensive ways of making money with sublimation printer and inks is print sublimation custom mugs with templates. Mug presses are relatively cheap and prices start from £50 ($65) and go as high as £500 and more. So with very little investment you can start your mug printing adventure, and start creating beautiful pieces for members of your family and friends. 

But where to start? Not everyone has artistic talents or was born with Adobe Photoshop skills and can create beautiful artwork, that will have this WOW factor. So what if you are one of those people?

Luckily, there are plenty of sources that offer ready made mug templates that are very high quality and ready in size for your mugs. All you need to do is just print it off, trim the paper and off you go! There is plenty of free and paid templates. Paid templates are often in packages of few.

Many templates offer window cut outs where you can place photograph like in the example on the top. Great stuff for birthday mugs or any other celebration. There is no limits, honestly! If you already have adobe photoshop or adobe elements (I would recommend the adobe elements if you are newbie and need to learn from the beginning.) but not sure how to insert picture inside the frame, this simple article should help you. If you would like to try but have no software, here you will find best deal for legal copy of adobe elements.

Its simple, yet very powerful software that any new starter should own. Once you try, you will never look back 🙂

Of corse there is other software available but, most of them has very poor colour management (if any) so your mugs may not come out as good as you expect them.

Where to find ready to use Mug Templates? 

There is loads of sources to find nice mug templates.

  • find plenty of freebies and some paid packages on this blog. You can search here.
  •  you can check ebay. Some template packages popping out from time to time . Please be aware of some sellers trying to sell copyrighted material!  If you see templates with Disney characters or celebrities etc. always ask seller for licence. If seller can’t provide licence, stay away! Is REALLY not worth it! 
  • There is another very talented graphic designer who sell mug templates in packages and for very reasonable price. You have to check him out! You will get more for your printed mugs >>>Link<<<
  • Facebook. Facebook is also great place for finding new artwork for your mugs. Just search for “sublimation templates” and I am sure few groups will pop up that are dedicated to sublimation printers.
  • Make your own. If you have basic skills in graphic software then you can do it you self! All you need is blank template of a mug in dimensions 22×9,5 (you can change them if you wish. this size works best for my mugs.) and then use clipart that are widely available on internet. There is plenty of free sites that offer royalty free images. Or you find CD on ebay with 1000’s of images and they cost peanuts! 


So if you know where to get your templates now you can browse and check them out. 

As a Bank holiday gift from me to you I am giving away FREE package of Monogram templates that are ever so popular at the moment!

So feel free to download them and use them in your projects!

Ps. dont forget to show them off on HowToPrintStuff Facebook page here!

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