Print sublimation t-shirt

Print sublimation t-shirt

In this very short video I will present my work flow of how to print sublimation t-shirt.

If you are not familiar with sublimation printing on t-shirts, please know, that ONLY polyester t-shirts can be printed with sublimation. 

You can print on 50/50 poly cotton, but print will look more washed out. Basically higher polyester blend, the better results you will achieve.

To print on sublimation t-shirt you will need:

  • Sublimation printer loaded with sublimation inks – In my case I use RICOH 3100DN and SubliSplash inks. Please note – Standard inks WILL NOT WORK with sublimation.
  • Sublimation paper – Paper that is designed to work with sublimation inks. It is coated paper. Get best quality paper you can afford. it will pay back!
  • Heat press – I use Geo Knight DK20 heat press, but to print sublimation t-shirt, pretty much any heat press will work as long as as you are able to heat it up up to 180C.
  • some protective paper. Don’t forget Sublimation inks turn in to gas and will go everywhere 🙂 


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  1. valeri

    Dear Paul,

    How many times can you wash this before the quality fades?
    also, how does this look on cotton stretch as kids do many things

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