How to print custom t-shirt with Ink Jet Dark transfer paper.

This time I will show you how to easy it is to print custom t-shirt with Ink Jet Dark transfer paper sold by xpres. Xpress is great with free samples, so
Transfer paper is very tough and feels very much like vinyl. It holds well in the wash and doesn’t loose colours.
To print custom t-shirt with Ink Jet Dark transfer paper I will use small

cutter called CAMEO silhouette. Cameo can cut media up to A3 so plenty enough for most t-shirt printers out there who would like to start it as a hobby. You can look for good deals here or here. You will also need the Heat press. (Household iron is not recommended as you won’t be able to maintain correct heat and pressure) Any heat press will do the job, but I would always recommend buying the best you can afford. The better press will last you longer and give you more consistent results. So better heat press = less headache 🙂 In my case, I will use Geo Knight DK20 heat press. I would always recommend this press to anyone.


But back to the printing…

To print on Ink JetDark transfer paper you will need Inkjet printer as this is inkjet transfer paper and it will NOT work in laser printers, so please don’t even try that if you don’t want to damage your printer.

The great thing about this transfer paper is that you can use ANY ink. In my case, I will use Sublimation ink. Yes, SUBLIMATION! sublimation ink is like normal ink, just need more heat to make colours pop out. so I will have to use a little bit more heat than recommended. If you decide to use sublimation ink, don’t forget, you don’t have to mirror your image. If you have standard ink or pigment ink than that’s cool, it will work!

Please watch the video to see the process from A to Z and don’t forget to give thumbs up in the video if you like it!