So I had this unexpected phone call from this supplier from Europe. They state this is a game changer and I have to try it! Well, here I am. I am trying this powder stuff in this video first time! all test is performed out of supplier pdf provided. disclaimer: please note this powder is not the same product that I tested some years ago and is widely available. this is new stuff (apparently).

Package arrived very well packed with 3 pouches of different powders for different effects.

In the box I found white t-shirt that was preprinted by supplier so I can reference for quality. Very nice of them and good idea. There was also one small, dark blue t-shirt that was sublimated apparently. hmmm 🙂

As we all know, sublimation on dark garments is not possible so i was very, very sceptic about it. but I must admit, print look alright! So I decided to have a go with some of the powders.

Please watch video for very first test. Please note, those was first test and I will practice more with the supplier to get best possible prints and I will report back.

Wash test

Wash test performed in 40C turned out very good!

Colours was as reach as after pressing. Only difference I noticed is the hand feel. As soon as is image is pressed, it feels very soft. But after wash it stiffen a little bit. Softer when dried, but this made me think. why this is happening.

update coming soon!