Sublimating on 100% cotton with Sublicotton sheets

So I keep trying! Yet, another way of printing on 100% cotton with sublimation inks. As you probably know that Sublimation bonds only to Polyester or high polyester fabric mixes. Polyester t-shirts for sublimation printing are very like a cotton feel but also quite pricey. Cotton t-shirts cost even half of the price polyester ones but unfortunately Sublimation ink wont bond to cotton fibres. Few companies trying to “hack” this process and invented all sorts of products that will help overcome this issue. Some work better and some not as much. There are fluids, varnishes, powders and sprays out there. I already tried most of them but my newest try was with product called SUBLICOTTON.

Sublicotton is a sheet of special paper that is coated with soft polymers that transfers to cotton garmentsublimation on cotton
once pressed on 205C. You will need industry standard heat press. I bought it from Spanish company that sell sublimation products. I recorder short video to show you how many steps are involved, and I must admit, this is Best results I ever had so far. Finish of printed garment is extremely soft and pleasant to touch.

Printed garmentcan be washed only at cool wash tho.

Sublicotton treatment paper is available in two sizes, A4 and A3 and can be purchased here.




After just first wash, coating of the sheet turned in to visible square of grey colour that make it unpleseent to look at and some coating was washed away.

Wash was performed on temperature of 50c. To avoid this problem it turnes out as this product need to be treamed to exact shape of printed image, otherwise it will leave visible squere of polymer. Please see photo.

more test will be performed on newly printed t-shirt and cold wash at 30c.