Sublimation – Blank wrist watches

Sublimation – Blank wrist watches
ready for personalization using Dye Printing.

 About ten years ago wrist watches was starting to be requested more and more, and the options for us to sublimate these, or if it was even possible/practical.
Now there are always reservations about using China as a source on any item, however one of my current manufactures did manage for me to talk about this new product range in detail, to a point where BLANK

Sublimation – Blank wrist watches
Sublimation – Blank wrist watches


 We were not the first, and even tried them and I’m told they didn’t go down as popular as they would expect and so ceased to carry them.

Also in the crafting world they are doing these with regular blank plain metal face and using vinyl such as Oracal 651 to insert a custom design into the watch face. With this method they are limited to the amount of layers that is practical due to the space given between the face and the moving hands.

Inkjet printing paper is a possibility, however if water was to get under the glass front the printed image could then be ruined.

Sublimation – Blank wrist watches
Sublimation – Blank wrist watches

Welcome to sublimation – blank watches!
A VERY CLASSY retirement gift, military souvenir, corporate branded gift… These are ranging considerably in retail prices on a personalized finished watch from $25-70 each. Which is a Huge markup (approx 600%) for each of us for about 30min-1 hours work, but when we look at what’s involved it can become a daunting task for some. To start with it’s a watch…. And so it is very small, and with even smaller working parts that we have to take apart/assemble ourselves to customize. This is made easier for us at source. By this I mean that there isn’t an old clock-work mechanism for us to deal with and instead are made using quartz mechanisms sitting inside a plastic mould to make location and lining up easier. None of the wrist watches are guaranteed as waterproof, but do hold up in the rain. ie They cannot be submersed.

The most common and popular watch is the stainless unisex watch available in either gold or silver as seen here:-

Now I have very fat engineer’s fingers… So the first was indeed slow and awkward to take apart then re-assemble, but I did manage it! Subsequently I make a video to allow you to see the ‘ease’, and how the inside is put together (video is also at the link above – scroll down).
The stainless metal watch did, for us become very popular, and we then took action to carry our own stock – But also to carry the spare parts, tools etc. (the tools are not a must have, but does make the work easier). Because of this alone we got ourselves a ‘name’ in being a source of blank sublimation watches, including parts and instructions. The public was then becoming intrigued by the new options now available, BUT started asking more questions!!! 

   They wanted more styles.

Silicone watch in range of colours. / Ladies (smaller) Leather watch in white or brown) / Canvas Ribbon Watch strap

Sublimation – Blank wrist watches
Sublimation – Blank wrist watches

We now carry three styles of watch, each with varying options/colour choices. Each is assembled/printed using sublimation in the very same way.
oF / 60 sec. This range all have a metal watch face which is ready for you to sublimate, (coated for you using a high grade polymer) achieving an extreme quality and detailed image.

Ps. If you are interested in more information, details or help… I’m always online. If you are thinking these may be beyond your fat clumsy fingers to handle, then we do also offer these already printed wholesale ready for you to markup and sell already finished, to your customers.

Paul Griffiths – The Laughing Professor

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