sublimation chopping board fail on LIVE

sublimation chopping board
sublimation chopping board

So here I am on LIVE 🙂

Facebook offer relatively new feature of LIVE video posting. I thought to myself, why not 🙂

se here I am. LIVE on Facebook video. if you would like to be notified about new LIVES related to dye sublimation printing then join my Facebook page how to print stuff here. I try to show what is sublimation printing and try to show you different blanks printing while live. You can ask questions too. Personally I think this is massive game changer how we can socialise now. We can do printing classes, Q&A sessions and simple hang outs with people with similar mind set. so feel free to join next time i am life!

So where is the printing fail? In the video.  In this attempt i decided to print 30cm glass chopping board from made massive school boy error so you have to see this. watch video bellow and lough out load 🙂


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One Thought to “sublimation chopping board fail on LIVE”

  1. Kim

    Hi paul
    Great video. We all make mistakes.

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