I know how hard it is to be different in sublimation game. Most people thinks that ebay auction with “anything on your mug or coaster” is enough to make some money. Wrong. I think is to many who does that so we need something different then “anything on your mug…” so how about some ready made designs??? sounds good? of course it sounds good 😀 So today I would like to do some giveaway 🙂 yep 🙂 this mean you get something for nothing… Free 🙂

how about 33 psd designs for coasters? every  template has a window for picture. check them out…
looking good? they where originally made for metal tins that hold sublimation lighter but then i discovered they look better on coasters and may be very good addition to printed photo mug!  … and some funny ones there too! you can download them all free of charge any time you want. You can also use them on your products as they come with commercial use license (resale notallowed!).

sqcoasters1-marked-2you can download them by subscribing to my list (orange box on the right 🙂 ) but hurry! they are free for very limited time only!. after couple of minutes you should receive your email with download details. yoooopiiii… so simple 😀 (Please email me if not as some emails could end up in spam folder!)

All the best!!! hope you enjoy them 😉

ps. if you like my give away then sign up to my blog! i am going to do much more of them soon 😉