icccustom ICC profile for sublimation

Have you ever struggled to print accurate colours onto a mug, or other item?
Blacks may print brown, or purple; yellow may print as green; and reds could be pink or orange. If this sounds familiar, then you’re not alone.
To print the correct colours, your printer needs to know how to print 16.7 million colours from its inkset of just 4 or 6 colours. That’s where a colour correction profile can help. A colour correction profile (often called an “ICC profile”) is created by comparing the colours that your printer actually prints against what they should be, and then providing a list of “corrections” to your printer through your software or printer driver.You may already have an ICC profile supplied by your ink supplier, but they can only provide a “best guess” correction using their own printer. Your printer is different. All printers are manufactured to within tolerances and one profile is unable to be accurate for all such variations in manufacture. To achieve the very best colour accuracy, you need a custom colour correction profile that’s matched to your printer, your sublimation inkset, and your paper. That’s where we can help.Use our easy 4-step process!1. Place your order online.2. You’ll receive three colour charts by email. Print these charts using the recommended settings and post them to us.3. We will scan the charts using an advanced spectrometer to accurately measure the colours that your set-up is producing. From this we will create your custom colour-correction profile that’s unique to your printer, inkset, and paper.4. Check your email for your brand new colour-correction profile complete with easy instructions for using it in Adobe Photoshop or similar.That’s it!This service is suitable for any printer/ink system, including dye, pigment, or dye-sublimation.

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