Sublimation face mask printing – full bleed

sublimation face coverings

Face coverings are the “New Normal” if we want it or not. It gives the opportunity to change over from our usual products that don’t sell as well as they use to. New reality forced us to think outside of the box to keep our business running. For example, the signage industry is extremely busy with making stickers/decals with COVID warnings. 2m social distancing etc;

Same with sublimation part of the industry. 

Almost every country affected by COVID-19 use face coverings of all sorts to stop the virus spread. In many countries, people are obligated to wear a face mask when in public places. This gives a new opportunity for all sublimators out there. The face mask is no more just an extra barrier for a virus. its’s a fashion thing! I see many people wear face masks that match the colour of the clothes on the street. Hence massive popularity of sublimation face masks now. Not all of them are good to print on. Some are very bulky and heavy. some of them have a thick border around them that disqualify them of wearing for longer than a few minutes. I decided to go for light, single layer sublimation face mask in white.

Single-layer face coverings are available to purchase –>here <–

I had a few minutes spare so I thought, I will quickly show you, how I print on a sublimation face mask. Please watch the video and don’t forget to rate it thumbs up 😉

All the best and happy printing!



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  1. do you have a link for the photoshop template or will it be put onto mug animator

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