So you have your internet order and its time to ship your mug.

Its very important to package your personalised piece of art safely so your customer is happy.

But one of the major mistake people tend to do is wrapping mugs with only bubble wrap.

Of course, bubble wrap its a good stuff. We all love it. but its not enough. It will not protect your mug 100%. You will need some descent packaging to make sure your sublimation mug will survive this dangerous trip full of adventures called  “Postman Delivery”. And trust me 🙂 Postman can make it very adventures 🙂 It looks like more “fragile” tape you put on it, postman is more tempted to “give it a good bash”

I am sure everyone has its own favorite way of packaging mugs but guys from dye sublimation supplies go that extra mile and test some mug shipping mailers for you.

Check out this cool video where Adam and Dawn taking their mailers to the extreme.