sublimation mugs. How do I know what ones to use?

sweet candy template mug template sublimationIf you are like me than you probably came across many different mugs that are suitable for sublimation. But how do we known what ones are good and what ones are bad? what mug will survive dishwasher use and what one that are hand wash only? well,  we don’t 🙂 we can rely on others recommendations on forums or suppliers web sites (most of them state that they products are best any way so no much trust there 🙂 ) or check it by our self. Not long time ago on great sublimation uk forum (forum link) someone mentioned extreme test that can be carried in the kitchen. As we all know carrying dishwasher test every day in our dishwasher would take ages or it would become very expensive test. Then someone recommended to use similar chemicals as we use in dishwasher but in pot of boiling water! hmm. this all make me think! And not only me 🙂 one of my friends decided to have a go with this test and boiled few different mug brands for an 1hour time in water with dishwasher tablet inside. Yes! very extreme test but hey ho!! why not ey?
Here is what happened after he took them out of boiling watter! check it out here for photos and more info: extreme mug test!

Winner of this test was mug from Coralgraph and you can find them here: 

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