Virtual Mug Animator mockup generator software for windows and MacOs X

Mug Animator  App – First Desktop generator software tool that will allow you to create realistic-looking virtual sublimation mug or other blanks with your artwork.
Mug Animator is simple to use with very easy to follow UI.
With this tool, you will be able to create stunning mockup mugs for your sublimation side of the business. Within a seconds, you will be able to send your realistic 3d animated mug to your friends or customer for approval.
You can choose out of two saving options: animated GIF, MP4 or still PNG.
Animated images are great to upload to your website or share on your favourite social media to reach more people.
Best out of all is that software is free! So download now and let us know what you think!

Beside of very popular mugs for sublimation, you will find a selection of other popular items like ceramic plates, wooden plaques, t-shirts, hoodies, dog tags, canvas trainers/shoe mockups and many many more sublimation items. 

What’s new in this version? 


  • sublimation tumbler (silver and white)
    sublimation tumbler mockup
  • Car coaster

Tones of new stuff coming your way. In this upgrade, you will find some improvements of old functions and some brand new features.

So what’s so cool about it?

sublimation car coaster mockup

New look! Mug Animator skin was refreshed so is more pleasant for your eyes. 

From now on you will be able to print your design from Mug Animator. Printing feature is useful for people who use editor and don’t want to use another app to print designs. Now you can!

Another great future added is “Mug Freeze”. Mug Freeze will be useful if you save loads mock-ups of the same item but with a different variation of images. So if you need 50 mugs saved with different artwork and you fed up with trying to set your mug in dame position every time, now you can! you can freeze it position you want and that save it as a profile for future use. You can save many profiles for different items. Let me know what do you think!

Saving feature

There are 3 ways you can save your images now. 

As in the older version, you can save to GIF, MP4 and PNG but PNG now can be saved as transparent image and thanks to the new dark mode switch, you can also save to black or white. This all to better suit your website or social media.

4 angle saving

If you offer to your customer’s mugs with full wrap printing but don’t want to save 3d animation, now we offer 4 angle saving feature.

It will allow you to save any of the items available in Mug Animator 2019 to pack of 4 images at once. 4 angle shot will be saved to your destination folder within clicks! We didn’t see this in any sublimation software. Try it! you going to love it! Your auctions or web store will look so much better now!





DOWNLOAD old Mug Animator 2019 v1.4 here