Mug Animator 2019​ v1.5.8 update – Zipup Hoodie

Virtual Mug Animator mockup generator software for windows and MacOs X

Mug Animator  App – First Desktop generator software tool that will allow you to create realistic-looking virtual sublimation mug or other blanks with your artwork.
Mug Animator is simple to use with a very easy to follow UI.
With this tool, you will be able to create stunning mockup mugs for your sublimation side of the business. Within a few seconds, you will be able to send your realistic 3d animated mug to your friends or customer for approval.
You can choose out of two saving options: animated GIF, MP4 or still PNG.
Animated images are great to upload to your website or share on your favourite social media to reach more people.
Best out of all is that software is free! So download now and let us know what you think!

Besides very popular mugs for sublimation, you will find a selection of other popular items like ceramic plates, wooden plaques, t-shirts, hoodies, dog tags, canvas trainers/shoe mockups and many many more sublimation items. 

What’s new in this version? (Windows only)

  • Some bugs fixed that avoided Mug Animator to run under Windows 11.
  • glitter mugs colour adjusted
  • zip-up hoodie added.
  • Add blur to your own background. this will let you do very interesting effect as per video bellow.


Saving feature

In this version (Windows only) you will find a better choice of quality for your mockups. You will be able to decide if you want it in 60fps or less. also, resolution can be changed. 

Most important! Mp4 videos are of much smaller size yet have better picture quality! No more issues with sending videos via messenger or email!

Items texture

All items received revamp in materials texture. This means mugs will look even more realistic than before!

This is still a work in progress, so please let us know if you find any issues.

If you require help please visit the FAQ section here<—






DOWNLOAD Mug Animator 2019 v1.5.8 here (Windows only)

For more info visit      




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125 Thoughts to “Mug Animator 2019​ v1.5.8 update – Zipup Hoodie”

  1. Samuel

    Buenas. Queria comprar la version pro mediante tarjeta de credito si es posible. Soy de Argentina y si es que hace la conversion a pesos argentinos. Espero su respuesta. Gracias

  2. Marcos

    para version de 32bits donde la descargo. Me da error por incompatibilidad 64bits de la pagina oficial

  3. Ronald

    Buen dia senor Paul hoy quiero comprar la version pro pero quisiera saber antes si van a volver a tener la opcion de la funda para almohadasy si pudieran agregar pad para mouse de la computadora y rompecabezas seria super genial y yo hasta pagaria mas del costo actual si tuviera esas y otras funciones de antemano mil gracias y feliz dia

  4. Free

    Like to see steel tumblers in the product choices.
    30oz 20 oz

  5. Aug mart

    Good afternoon!
    I started to try MugAnimator 6.5 with the intention of buying the Pro version, but unfortunately I can not get it to work properly!
    Most of the time it does not open!
    After passing the 1st small screen, open the biggest one, but it gets all black and blocks!
    I have already used the various versions, 64 and 32 bits, compatibility modes and nothing!
    What could be blocking the application ?!
    Thanks for the help!

    1. Paul

      Hello, Do you use any antivirus or firewall that could see it as potential treat? Please msg me via facebook group and I will do my best to help you.

  6. Jacqueline Dijkshoorn

    Hey Paul,

    Can you please also add a glass clock in the next update?


  7. Pascal

    I have an error when I add my email address and my license number, can you help me?
    Thank you

    1. Paul

      please email support email. is in the app.

  8. clem

    Hi sir paul, please input also keychains or ref mugnets for mock up sublimations. thank you

  9. Olá, tem mug animator para Windows 32bits?

  10. bfarinella


    Tried to email support but email would not go through.

    Wanted to see if there is a way to change the background that is used on a permanent basis, currently I need to change the background each time I go into the application.

    Would also like to see if there is a way to change the image size on the mug, I have 15oz mugs and the image does not go top to bottom of the mug when I print them. I do not want customers stating that I am falsely advertising the mugs to look like that.

    Using Mac OS version.
    Mug Animator v6 (just downloaded)

  11. Dan Fenner

    HI, I just paid for the full version and was expecting to receive the Key, but have not gotten anything yet. And Yes, I did check my spam/junk mailbox.



  12. clem toriaga

    Hi I already paid. how to get the pro?

  13. Jose

    Hi. How many computer i Can install the key?

    Thank so you much.

    1. Paul

      one key is only for one pc.

  14. Cristian

    Muchas gracias Paul, es una aplicación excelente y muy útil.


    I just downloaded the Mug Animator software.
    It is wonderful and runs smooth.
    Thank you so much.

    Are there plans to save customer info for the invoicing?

  16. Kenny

    I just purchased the key using paypal, where will the information be sent to?

    1. clem,

      i already purchase too. still my application is not a pro? how can we get it pro version? 🙁

  17. Daniel Cortez

    Hola! que beneficios tengo al comprar el software.

    Estoy muy interesado, espero sus comentarios

  18. Alan

    Hola Buenas! Ayer hice la compra de la Version PRO por PAYPAL y aun no me llega la licencia!

    1. Paul

      Please check spam for key. If not there, contact me asap!

  19. Miguel Maguiña

    Compre la version PRO , pero no me entregaron nada, ¿como hago validar mi compra? ¿ Me dan un ID y una clave?

    1. Paul

      Please check spam for key. If not there, contact me asap!

  20. Lydia

    Hello Pawel,
    J’ai acheté la version payante du logiciel il y a 10 jours mais je ne sais pas si je dois désinstaller la version gratuite ni où mettre le code d’accès. Pouvez vous m’indiquer la marche à suivre svp ?
    J’en profite pour faire une suggestion en espérant que ça ne vous dérange pas : possibilité de mettre 2 images sur un mug.
    Merci pour tout

    1. Paul

      Please check spam box for key. If not there, please email me asap!

  21. Adriana

    I wonder why some png or jpg images can be loaded and I can see them on the mug but other png or jpg images can not be loaded.
    are there any specifications for images?

    thanks a lot!

    1. Paul

      All should work. But if you are on mac, make sure there is no spaces in fie name!

  22. Juan Carlos Torres Gonzalez

    Hi, i just downloaded the trial version 5 and i cant add any picture to any product, i tried jpg and png but the render stills white of all products, i use Mac theres any problem?

    1. Paul

      Please add images from download folder or PICTURES folder. Make sure na spaces are in file names.

  23. Benjie San Juan

    Try to buy Pro Version. However, the link ending back as an error… service unavailable – HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.

    1. Paul

      Sorry about that! Please visit direct site
      all fixed there.

  24. kate

    Hi I am brand new new to sublimation, and this looks like something that would be perfect for me, what is required on the pc to run this? thanks

    1. Paul

      just decent PC 🙂 you will be able to create mockups.

  25. Ariel Carrizo

    You are Amazing, the software is the best for show the products *.*

    1. Paul

      thank you!

  26. Shaun

    Hi, there’s a black pattern covering the mug in the software. Here’s the screen shot link :

    1. Tonia

      Hello Shaun,

      Did this ever get resolved for you? I still have this issue?

  27. Tomas

    Hi, i found this software very useful, is very easy to use. Let me ask you something, there is a way to add more products? like a coffee cup, beer jar.. I´m sorry if i´m asking too much for a free software, but it would be even more amazing if we can choose more products..

  28. Dan

    I downloaded this but when I open it there is a black pattern across all of the templates, I’ve tried both windows versions with the same results. Unsure how to fix this…any advice appreciated.


    1. Paul

      can you send some screenshots please?

      1. Hello
        I am having the same issue. There is a black and white striped pattern across the templates for me too.

  29. please send me the Mug Animator

    1. Paul

      Please use download link

  30. Sean

    Haven’t even made my first mug yet but this defiantly helps, thank you.
    I do have a question though can it be made larger as in the mug preview pane.


    hey wonder if someone can help having a hard time with the mug animator, download as normal extract files click on the exe opens another window which stays black screen can anyone help????

    1. Paul

      is this sorted now?


        Hi paul, sadly not. I download the animator file , extract all, click to file to run opens a separate black blank screen nothing happens, if i click that screen will divert to a web page, if i dont extract all and try run the exe file, i get a warning message, something about files alongside Can you help, i also donated on ebay and tried using the link you sent earlier to me but getting the same from this

        Please help

        thanks Dan

  32. Phil

    It would be nice to have a slider to reduce the light reflection, doesn’t look good on screenshots 🙂

  33. wes

    hey paul I’m having trouble with installation of 4.2 I get error in data info can you help I’m using windows thanks

    1. Paul

      Have youbdownloaded full zip file? Can you see data folder?

  34. rone

    please send me the link for the 32bit

      1. giuseppe

        Thanks is very nice software . is possible add other black prodoct

        1. Paul

          Thank you. What product do you mean?

  35. Dee

    I tried this Mockup animator before. I use a Mac. Sometimes photos would upload and sometimes they wouldn’t. If they aren’t uploading try removing all the spaces file name. Thanks for the mockup generator Paul.

  36. Hi Paul,
    Many thanks for your job, which is highly helpful for a sub mug reseller as I am.
    I’ve downloaded the last version of MugAnimator (4.1), but it doesn’t work on my computer. Unfortunately, I’ve erased the previous version and now, I’m unable to produce any e-sample for my customers 🙁
    I assume it’s because MugAnimator 4.1 is designed for 64bits PC configuration, when mine is on 32bits.
    Could you please help me to recover a version running on 32bits.
    Thanks a lot

    1. Paul

      Hi Sylvian,
      Please email me and I will send you link to previous version.

      1. Hi Paul,
        Thank you for replying about my previous issue, all is all right now.

  37. Alas it still doesn’t work on my Mac 🙁

    1. Paul

      Please try to upload ANY photo from your DOWNLOAD folder. Please note, file name should not contain any spaces. This is know bug and I am working on it to resolve it asap.

  38. brendan

    do you have a program that will assist with printing i.e/ making sure images are printed to the correct sizes for certain mugs. or could you recommend a program

    1. Paul

      I would recommend to use adobe photoshop or adobe elements for that.

    2. What you really need is a page layout program. Depending on your budget and desire to scale the learning curve, I’d recommend:
      Quark Xpress
      If you have a Mac and a small budget, try Pages.

  39. Geoff

    Awseome Job. Works a charm on windows 10 64bit. Thanks for your efforts.

    1. Paul

      thanks! Hope you enjoy using it. Tonight v.4.1 will be out with coaster and larger mugs gifs plus other small bugs fixed!

      1. Sydney Chilambwe

        Hi Paul I didn’t use my software I bought last night the problem is that I downloaded into phone now it is not Working so can I download again so that I can install to my laptop

        1. Paul

          Hi. just used link again. it will work. you can download as many times as you wish.
          all the best!

  40. Michael

    I love this program and use it all the time. Is there anyway to add a feature to select the amount of times to rotate or make it so it will repeat infinity on the gif video?

    1. Paul

      Hi, thank you!
      Giff will loop while spin but it depends of software you using.

  41. Job well done Paul, you are a true legend to me in the sublimation field.
    It works a treat and looks fantastic.
    Only if there were more people like you willing to help others.
    You prove that it’s not always about making money, It’s about sharing your knowledge with others.
    Sharing is caring.
    Keep up the great work it has come a long way since the beta versions

    1. Paul

      Thank you very much! 🙂
      All the best!

  42. Brenda

    thank you for this Paul!! I LOVE all the new mugs and it works quite well!!

  43. Hi Paul, im from Colombia and your app is awsome because I have a custom mugs store and it is difficult to show the customer how his mug will remain, I want to ask, is there an online version to implement it on a website? For example, the client upload their own image and see how it is and order your mug with the image that he climbed?

    this is my web site, still under construction…

    Tnx, blessings

    1. Paul

      Hi Jorge,
      Online version is in the pipeline and it will be available for free to all. I will email all blog subscribers as soon as is online mug animator is live.
      all the best

  44. I am not able to see any images when I use this? I installed the mac version. I click image… choose the image I want on my computer and it shows nothing?

    1. Paul

      do you pick mage from your main drive?

  45. Hi Paul,
    I really appreciate your efforts, and I’m sure I must be doing something wrong… but I can’t seem to get the Mac version to work on my MacBook Pro. I’m running OS10.11.6, have re-downloaded the app several times, tried loading images as jpgs, pngs, and tiffs with no luck. All I get is an animation of a blank mug. What am I missing?

    1. Paul

      can you actually load photo to animator?
      Do you choice photo from your mac drive or other partition or virtual drive? to to load image from your desktop. and let me know if it loads. I know there is a little issue with macs loading images from external drives, dopbox, google drives and other partitions then MacHD.

  46. Paul Demonty

    I resized it on 21×9 cm – 200 dpi and it works again !

  47. paul Demonty

    It is Mac HD

  48. Paul Demonty

    Hi i tried it for a few days and it worked.
    I’m trying again today to put the image on the cup but it doesn’t appear.
    On mac 10.11.6
    JPG and PNG file from 100 ko to 1 MO

    1. Paul

      I moticed in some cases on Mac version, images loaded from other disk them mac hd wont load. Please check if this is the case.

  49. Downloaded Mug Animatior 3.0 for Windows, unpacked, but does not start.
    I see “made with unity” and then the window just turns white and that’s it.
    I use Win7 Professional 64bit

    1. Paul

      Do you run it in Admin mode?




  51. I have downloaded and been using the Mac version and must say I am completely impressed. Very smooth flowing and really adds professionalism to my customers when they see the mock up gif. Thanks again and a great job!

  52. Damien Williams

    Fantastic animator, many thanks for your hard work!!!

  53. Hello, I tried it for Mac OS X 10.10, but the image doesn’t appear in the mug when I select the image…

    1. Paul

      Hi. What image you are trying? Didnyou try other file formats and image sizes?

      1. Yes, I tried JPEG and PNG, 1 MB and 275 KB

    2. rob

      hi when loading img make sure no spaces in name thats how it worked for me

  54. Dee

    Hi Paul,
    Very useful tool. Thanks for making it available. I’m trying to use it for wrap around designs and am having trouble getting it to load certain files. Is there a size limit, preferred dimension or file type restriction?

    1. Paul

      Jog and png will work. As long as files are bot crazy huge they should load fine.

      1. Dee

        Hi Paul,
        It still isn’t working for me. I’ve shrunk the file to 56kb and it still won’t load. I’m using a Mac. Are all the kinks out?

  55. Jenny

    Hi Paul, I have just downloaded and tested the mac version. Great job. Just a couple of questions.
    What are the proportions that are needed for the design to fill the whole mug, it is placing smaller?
    I had 3 designs I wanted to test and for some reason on one out of the three would work?

    1. Paul

      22×9.5cm works best. but also you can adjust size by dragging little arrow in the bottom right corner of the image to fill the space.
      all the best

  56. Claire

    wow this is awesome!! Thanks so much Claire =)

  57. Miguel Galvez

    Wow tried it and it is very awesome, you did a really great job on the app, the only thing i think it could help is adding white magic mug because thats the comon mug they sell… i haven’t seen black magic mugs until now.

    also beer mugs would be awesome clear ans frosted :3

    Sorry if it is to much, but

    1. Paul

      thank you for your feedback. it will go on out “to do”list.

      1. Miguel Galvez

        i noticed… is there a way so that the background comes out transparent? because i wanted to put a custom image but the blank square did not let me…. and it produces around 160 photograms D: to try and remove individually the blank spaces.


  58. simon

    any news on mac one yet thanks

  59. Diogo Felix

    mockup with reddish tones, not getting white or black but reddish.

    1. Paul

      Can you provide screenshot please?

  60. Slav

    Thank you very much!

    1. Paul

      You are welcome. Hope you find it useful.

  61. Darrell Cheeks

    Thank you – very kind to give away.

  62. W. Marais

    Hi Thanks for the animator it works well
    can I use it on my website if it is up and running

    1. Paul

      This is desktop app. But whatever you create with it, feel free to post anywhere you wish!

  63. I ditto those above and would love a Mac version too!

  64. Brenda Porter

    THANK YOU so much for this update!!! It really works well!

  65. Julian

    Thanks so much, Paul. Looks and works GREAT 🙂

    1. Paul

      i am planing to, but is more difficult to do it.

      1. I would definitely want a Mac version. Hope you can do it soon!

          1. Paul

            Mac version available in beta now!

        1. Paul

          Mac version available in beta now!

          1. Matti


            I have tried every mac version, but there is no file version which i can manage to import to program. Always empty mug.

            Any advice.

          2. Paul

            please try to load image directly from DOWNLOAD program. also make sure there is no spaces in the file name.

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