Virtual Mug Animator mockup generator software for windows and MacOs X

Mug Animator  App – First Desktop generator software tool that will allow you to create realistic-looking virtual sublimation mug or other blanks with your artwork.
Mug Animator is simple to use with very easy to follow UI.
With this tool, you will be able to create stunning mockup mugs for your sublimation side of the business. Within a seconds, you will be able to send your realistic 3d animated mug to your friends or customer for approval.
You can choose out of two saving options: animated GIF, MP4 or still PNG.
Animated images are great to upload to your website or share on your favourite social media to reach more people.
Best out of all is that software is free! So download now and let us know what you think!

Beside of very popular mugs for sublimation, you will find a selection of other popular items like ceramic plates, wooden plaques, t-shirts, hoodies, dog tags, canvas trainers/shoe mockups and many many more sublimation items. 

what’s new in this version?

New mockups are added every time and updates are delivered as soon as this is possible.

New mockups for the new update will be as follow:

  • 5 Unisub keyring. 
  • 15oz sublimation mug
Unisub keyring mockup - Mug Animator 6.6
Unisub keyring mockup – Mug Animator 6.6


what’s new in Mug Animator  v6

Mug Animator v6.0 is the biggest update yet. The engine of the app was redesigned to consume less CPU so your computer and app will work faster much faster. 

We also listen to your needs and decided to make simple to use an editor where you can upload more than one photo too! And did we mentioned that you can also add text? no? well – YES YOU CAN NOW 🙂

In new Mug Animator, you are able to design your mug in a very fast and simple way. After you are done, you can save the actual artwork for printing. Simply save it to your hard drive as PNG or JPG.

We also added new items.

  • New spoon mug added
  • image keep aspect ratio when loaded to the working canvas
  • polo shirt fixed
  • background improvements.
  • new stackable mug mockup
  • pet bowl mockup


Mug Animator 6.6