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3d Mug Animator mockuper for windows and MacOs X FREE – Updated

Virtual Mug Animator mock up software

Mug Animator App – First Desktop software that will allow you to create virtual mug with your artwork.
Mug Animator is simple to use with very easy to follow UI.
With this tool you will be able to create stunning mock up mugs for your sublimation side of business. Within a seconds, you will be able to send your 3d animated mug to you friends or customer for approval.
You can choice out of two saving options: animated GIF or Mp4 video.
Animated gifs are great to upload to your web site or share on your favourite social media to reach more people.
Best out of all is that software is absolutely free! So download now and let us know what you think!

MugAnimator 3.0 out now!

In this version:

  • Sparta Mug. Next most popular mug after 10/11oz mugs. Distinguish shape of this mug making it great addition in your mug selection.  
  • Black mug with white patch. One of the option if you wish to sublimate on Black mugs. 
  • Travel Mugs. Two options for sublimation travel mugs. Polymer and metal.
  • Magic Wow (Morph) mug. Magic mug will allow you to create animated virtual proof of colour changing mug.
  • Laser Printed Mugs. If you own Oki White printer and prefer this method for decorating your mugs, you will find this option useful (Please use transparent PNG file format). Many popular colours added.
  • play/pause option
  • language selection: German/English
  • New Update notifications


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